Fastec Imaging Corporation designs and manufactures convenient, easy-to-use and economical high speed digital imaging solutions for industries focusing on high-speed motion analysis such as manufacturing, maintenance and research professionals who need to measure and understand high-speed processes.

Fastec’s industrial line of point-and-shoot digital video cameras provides motion analysis in Plant Maintenance and Field Service Troubleshooting; Research, Military Test and Instrumentation; and Sports Training.

The TS3Cine is Fastec’s first digital high-speed camera built for cinema and broadcast applications.

Rule Boston Camera

Rule Boston Camera sells and rents professional digital, video and film equipment to individuals, networks, corporations and students along with the technical support and services they need to create their most critical production and post-production projects.

Rule is committed to providing the highest quality equipment, the most current technology, the broadest possible range of knowledge and experience and the best level of customer satisfaction under one roof.

The TS3Cine is available to Buy or Rent from Rule Boston Camera.

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