There is no texting allowed in an AMC cinema today or in the foreseeable future. The statement has reached the cutting floor and this is a good decision as some movie goers stated on social media that they won’t watch another movie there if texting is allowed. Imagine if you see someone so busy with texting while watching a movie then you will certainly be distracted. You will feel hopeless since you paid to see the movie only to get distracted by someone you don’t even know.


That is certainly not the reason you went to the cinemas. You paid to see the movie so nobody should be allowed to text for whatever reason. Everyone should turn off their mobile phones or switch it into silent mode. The same reason goes with them as there is no reason for them to go to a cinema and just text all the time. They would waste their hard earned money on the X Art discount movie as they should do that at home instead. If they did it to experience the coldness of the cinema then why not do it outside the cinema? You can always tell the person you are sending text messages to that you are inside a cinema and that no texting is allowed inside. The cinema staff probably won’t be able to confiscate your phone since this is not a school.

They can tell you numerous times texting is not allowed inside a cinema though and that is more than enough to humiliate you and to not do it again. You can’t blame them anyway since it is their job to tell that to the cinema patrons. If there is a good movie showing then they have a hard time since it is expected to have a full house. It would be really annoying if your phone is old-fashioned and it has one of those annoying keypads that would make it hard to send a message without annoying the person seating next to you. If someone decides to text and he does not get scolded for it then expect other people to do the same because they will think it is allowed so best to do something about it even if only one person is doing it.


It is a good thing AMC decided to do away with it completely since they were actually deciding on allowing the texting on a certain part of the cinema but as soon as some people found that out, they decided to let their frustration out via Twitter. If you own a business then you have to hear out on what your customers have to say since they are the ones who are make your business live. If they go away then so does your business.

You can switch your mobile phone into silent mode then take a look into it if you find out someone sent you a text. If you see that it is important then you can always go to the washroom to answer it. However, you have to keep in mind you will miss a portion of the movie so you better ask your companion what happened when you were gone because you won’t be allowed to repeat the movie. This is not the 1990’s where you can repeatedly using DDF Network discounts and movies as many times as you want throughout the day. You have to miss those days though because you have something to do with your date in case you can’t think of anything else. It is certainly a pity to look at someone who goes to the cinema to text his friends.


You can only imagine that person would wear sunglasses inside the cinema too. It is not appropriate and it goes to show how kids these days would do anything just to get attention. They would get horrible tattoos and think it is cool. In the cinema, it would really depend if they have tight security or not. If they allow texting then it would be really bad for business as some might not come back anymore. In fact, if you text inside a cinema site and your companion sees it then he might deny he is with you because he is afraid he might also get thrown out.